Englishman River Estuary

Nature Trust x W5F

To protect a fragile ecosystem and revive wildlife population through conservation and restoration.

Partnered with The Nature Trust of BC to purchase and preserve a 2.8-hectare (6.9 acre) property at the mouth of the Englishman River on Vancouver Island. This is a critical step to re-naturalize and restore the tidal flow of the estuary and ultimately enhance the sensitive ecosystem of the whole river.

The property was artificially raised and enlarged with earthen fill and then reinforced with riprap to prevent natural channelization and attrition. This land parcel is causing restriction of tidal and river flow due to the narrowness of the passage from the river to the Salish Sea.

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As part of funding of this project, the Foundation will work with The Nature Trust of BC to remove the infill and riprap and allow natural processes to return.

By doubling the width of the estuary’s gateway, the velocity of the flow through this passage would be reduced, which would allow for salt marsh stabilization and improved salmon and steelhead habitat in the Englishman River. The river is an important salmon-producing stream and this is a first step in the recovery of coho and steelhead salmon in the watershed.

The $6m gift to the NTBC will create a 2 acre Wilson Nature Park on the Salish Sea and on the estuary in perpetuity.

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